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Honorable Readers, 

It has been a pleasure to learn that more and more people in Turkey are becoming aware of the strong ties between Hungary and Turkey. The resemblance of our folk music is outstanding in our historic, economic and cultural relations. Béla Bartók recognized it first, who – as an already world famous composer – decided to study these similarities in Turkey. During his trip in 1936, he became a good friend of Ahmet Adnan Saygun, the later well-known Turkish composer. It is a sign of Hungarian-Turkish friendship as well that the Béla Bartók Museum in Osmaniye is frequently visited.

It made us proud that – on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the death of the famous Hungarian composer – the Ankara Bartók Festival was the largest commemoration ceremony in the world. Great artists, excellent musicologists, and interesting exhibitions were waiting for those, who wished to celebrate culture together with us. 

Haccettepe University – following the Liszt Festival in 2011 – proved to be an excellent partner in organizing the festival and we trust that this cooperation and friendship continues. 

I believe that today’s world would be less without the findings of Bartók, but it would be also less without the devoted contribution of the organizers. By accomplishing the Festival, Hungarian-Turkish relations gained a qualitative bond again.


Gábor Kiss

Ambassador of Hungary



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